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Destiny’s Ghost Companion Could Have Been Much Funnier

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Among the complaints leveled at Destiny were those involving the uncharismatic performance of Ghost, your robotic companion. Better dialogue could have helped, and as it turns out, Bungie did solicit two well-known comedians for that purpose, though their work apparently went unused.

Speaking with IGN, David Cross–best known as Tobias Funke from Arrested Development and for his work on Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk–revealed that he spent a brief time working on dialogue for Ghost. He said he did this along with fellow comedian (and Mr. Show alum) Brian Posehn, both of which were flown to Bungie HQ for a few days prior to Destiny’s release.

“Brian Posehn and I got asked and jumped at the chance,” Cross said in a new podcast. “We were flown up to Bellevue, Washington to do a punch-up on the Ghost character in Destiny about a year ago. We were both very excited about it. They did not use a single, solitary thing that we wrote, which is a shame because we wrote some stuff that–you know, we’re gamers, and they… I would imagine somebody somewhere said, ‘We can’t inject this levity or humor into it.'”

Cross went on to say he’s played Destiny and–like so many others–found Ghost to be somewhat lacking.

“[W]hen you’re at an hour 20 of that thing, it’s like the Ghost is kind of monotone saying this thing, ‘We must get over the ridge. That’s the Cabal–we’ve got to defeat him.’ Whatever, it’s boring as s***, and I speak for myself and Brian, and I know thousands if not millions of other gamers would be like, ‘It would be nice to have a joke or something in there.’ You think we’re going to f*ck with the tone? But it was very exciting to go up there and get paid to play a video game a year before it came out.”

He couldn’t remember any specifics of what he or Posehn had written, but described some of it as “self-reverential,” while other things were “winking to gamers.”

Cross has done some work in games before, voicing characters in Halo 2 (which Bungie developed prior to Destiny) and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Posehn, too, did some voicework for Halo 2.

Destiny is set to get another major expansion later this year in The Taken King. Bungie this week revealed a full rundown on what you can expect from the DLC, which is set to cost $40.

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PS4, PS3 Again Experiencing PSN Issues

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Following a service alert earlier this week, Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Network is again experiencing issues on Friday.In a tweet from the PlayStation support account, Sony stated, “We’re aware that PSN is experiencing connectivity issues….

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Images Of Alleged Sony/Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Appear Online

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Following the success of the Super Nintendo, in 1998 Nintendo contracted Sony to create a CD-based add-on for its console, but the product, which was supposedly called the SNES-CD, never saw the light of day. Nintendo went on to work with Phillips on the atrocious Zelda games for the CD-i player, and Sony decided to jump into the video game market with its PlayStation console.

After the Nintendo/Sony CD project was canceled, rumors swirled through the industry that working prototypes existed, but the machine had never been seen in the wild…until now. Images of the prototype appeared on Reddit and Assembler Games overnight by someone who clams to be the son of a businessman who worked for Sony. This machine, if real, is priceless, and shows us just how close Sony and Nintendo came to co-releasing a system. Hopefully we find out soon whether it still functions and what’s on that cartridge.

Our Take
This finding is one of the rarest pieces of video game history to see the light of day. Hopefully it offers us more insight into Nintendo and Sony’s abandoned hardware partnership from the ’90s.

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Batgirl DLC For Batman: Arkham Knight Dated, Priced

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If you’ve already tracked down all of the Riddler trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight, and need another Batman fix pronto, you don’t have long to wait. Warner Bros is releasing Batgirl: A Matter of Family, a prequel story that takes place before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, on July 21 for $6.99. If you purchased the Season Pass for Arkham Knight, you get the DLC a week early on July 14.

A Matter of Family places players into the role of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) for the first time in an all-new location. This DLC offers several missions, a new hacking gameplay mechanic, and the occasional run-in with Robin for Dual Play combat maneuvers. To much surprise, the DLC is not developed by Rocksteady Studios, and is instead created by WB Games Montreal, the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins.

The DLC is only listed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Bungie Reveals What’s in Destiny The Taken King DLC

By | News | No Comments

Bungie has published a list of everything included in Destiny‘s next expansion, The Taken King, when it is deployed on September 15.

In the wake of questions about the inherent value of a DLC package that will cost $40 (and £40), Bungie has claimed in its latest blog post that “we plan to prove that The Taken King is more than DLC–it’s a game.”

A list of content included in the DLC, as written by Bungie, is pasted below.

  • New story missions and an array of sidequests that conspire to tell the story of our battle to defend our Solar System against Oryx and his Taken army
  • New narrative driven by cinematic cutscenes starring an engaging cast of characters
  • New Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, and Exotic Questlines
  • The Dreadnaught, a full new destination, with unique secrets, rituals, and treasures to uncover
  • A new breed of enemy combatants, The Taken, armed with new abilities and weapons
  • An increased Level Cap, and new ways for your Guardian to grow more powerful
  • The most substantial injection of new, unique, and redesigned weapons, armor, and talents to date
  • New subclasses with all new Supers and abilities
  • New cooperative Strikes with unique and dynamic new Boss battles
  • Redesigned and reimagined Strikes – Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III – are now overrun by the Taken
  • New Crucible multiplayer maps with new Crucible modes, including the previously revealed Rift and Mayhem
  • And, of course, last but not least, our biggest six-player Raid yet.

While these promises regarding content have been made now, Bungie says in the weeks ahead it will also discus “a range of topics that we know are important to you, including weapon rebalancing, economy improvements, an overhauled quest experience, bounty enhancements, faction allegiances, end game content, and more.”

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s First DLC Gets Release Date and Price

By | News | No Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight‘s first story-based DLC has been given a July 14 release date by Warner Bros, with the publisher also explaining how the expansion will focus on the Batgirl character.

The add-on, entitled Batgirl: A Matter of Family, will cost $6.99 in North America and £5.80 in the UK. Those who purchased an Arkham Knight season pass will not have to pay an additional fee.

Warner Bros has only announced plans for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the expansion, and has not discussed a PC version.

This omission comes in the wake of a punishing two weeks for the publisher, and the game’s developer Rocksteady, with a litany of bugs discovered in the PC version. After apologising and announcing its intention to build a patch to fix the numerous problems, Warner decided to pull the title from Steam.

Most recently, Warner Bros was accused to have known about Arkham Knight’s PC Problems “for months”, however these claims–purportedly from internal QA employees–are not proven.

Set prior to the events in the first game in Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy, this add-on will place Batgirl in a new location with multiple missions, side quests, and secrets. Featured within the game is a new hacking feature, as well as Dual Play functionality with Robin.

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Mad Catz Warns of “Substantial” Doubts About Survival

By | News | No Comments

Mad Catz, the prominent peripherals company that has been designing arcade sticks and other esoteric accessories since 1989, could soon face the prospect of closure if its income does not increase significantly.

In late June, the corporation offered a warning to investors, explaining that it had failed to meet a monthly target that had been implemented as a failsafe by its credit lender, Wells Fargo.

Because Mad Catz was unable to generate as much money as Wells Fargo had asked, the bank was given the option to call in its loan. Had this occurred, Mad Catz may not have been able to continue as a going concern.

However, on June 23, Well Fargo waived Mad Catz’ violation, and entered into a new agreement with the corporation that will carry on until July 31, 2016.

But Mad Catz, which has been losing money for three years straight since 2011, said it requires “significant contributions from anticipated sales of products related to the Rock Band 4 video game.”

Mad Catz is co-publishing the Harmonix-developed title. The company also manufactures arcade boards for Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

It added that the uncertainty surrounding Rock Band 4‘s sales, along with a number of other factors, “raise substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

Speaking to Game Informer, Mad Catz claims that it has overcome a major hurdle by securing a new line of credit. Initially the company will be loaned $20 million, which could increase to $35 million from September in order to ship Rock Band 4.

Karen McGinnis, chief financial officer at the company, claimed that part of the reason it needed to issue a credit warning was because of the necessity to use unequivocal language in financial documents. She claims that the reality of the situation is far more nuanced and positive.

For the financial year that ended in March 2015, Mad Catz posted a net income of $4.7 million. Representatives for the corporation were unavailable at the time of going to press.

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Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Craze Knocks Retailer Pre-Order Page Offline

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Fallout 4 fans across the UK have been gripped by a fever of interest in the coveted Pip-Boy edition, with a surge of traffic knocking one retailer’s pre-order page offline.

On Friday morning, the British retailer GAME announced that it would open pre-orders for the £100 Pip-Boy bundle, which packages a copy of Fallout 4 along with real-life replica of the game’s famous personal computer. In the UK, GAME has won rights to be the exclusive retailer of this deluxe edition.

However, the moment when it was scheduled to go live, GAME’s Pip-Boy pre-order page could not be accessed due to high traffic affecting its servers.

The retailer explained on Twitter: “Due to increased number of dwellers trying to access Vault 111 we are experiencing some issues. Please bear with us.”

Due to increased number of Dwellers trying to access Vault 111 we are experiencing some issues. Please bare with us.

— (@GAMEdigital) July 3, 2015

At the time of going to press, the website’s Pip-Boy pre-order page has remained inaccessible.

We are working hard to get Vault 111 back to full capacity as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

— (@GAMEdigital) July 3, 2015

Earlier in the week, one inventive Fallout 4 fan created his own custom Pip-Boy edition using a 3D printer and a hand-assembled circuit.

Fallout 4 launches on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Check out a few images of the Pip-Boy and its companion app below.

Click image to view in full screen

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