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Konami Says ‘Sorry’ For Metal Gear Online Launch Woes

By | News | No Comments

Metal Gear Online has had some struggles in its first week. There have been server and matchmaking issues that have impacted a number of players.

As a way to make up for the problems, Konami is giving Metal Gear fans two different things. First, everyone will receive 3000GP to every player. This will automatically be applied after today’s maintenance.

The XP Boost period has also been extended. If you’ve already activated your boost, it will be applied for three weeks instead of two.

Thankfully, there’s a pretty solid single-player game you can spend your time with. Just remember to go offline so menus don’t get bogged down if the servers hitch.

[Source: Konami]


Our Take
Unfortunately, the FOB and general connectivity problems Metal Gear Solid V suffered during the first month hinted at MGO issues. I think when I get back to it, I’m going offline permanently and ignoring the online features (and all of their related problems) permanently.

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Japanese Sensation Yo-Kai Watch Gets 3DS Demo

By | News | No Comments

While Japan is already on its third Yo-Kai Watch game (not including spin-offs), we’re lagging behind. The phenomenon is finally making its way here next month.

If you’re not sure what Yo-Kai Watch is all about, you can take it for a test drive on your 3DS. Nintendo has just announced that a demo is now available on the eShop.

In Yo-Kai Watch, you’ll uncover a collection of the spirits around the town of Springdale. Once you’ve befriended one, you’ll be able to summon them in battle, charge up their powers, and defeat evil Yo-Kai.

Yo-Kai Watch arrives on November 6 for 3DS. 

Update: Bad news. Nintendo has issued a follow-up tweet with a correction. The Yo-Kai Watch demo won’t be available until the eShop update next week. Look for it on October 22.

[Source: Nintendo of America on Twitter]


Our Take
While the immediate comparison that comes to mind is Pokémon, Yo-Kai Watch isn’t a carbon copy. It has its own mechanics and charm that differentiate it from Game Freak’s long-running series. With a big blitz of media, toys, and games hitting this fall, developer Level-5 is giving itself every opportunity to win over America’s youth.

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Plants Vs. Zombies ‘Intra-Active’ Theme Park Attraction Coming Next Year

By | News | No Comments

Zombies have already taken over the garden, and now they’re coming to the Carowinds theme park in North Carolina. A new “intra-active” attraction based on the Plants vs. Zombies franchise is scheduled to open in Spring 2016.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena, while still in a planning phase based on the released concept art, features two teams of 34 players in a theater setting equipped with motion seats and hand-held laser devices. Teams compete against each other on two large TV screens featuring a typical backyard setting from the Plants vs. Zombies universe.

Players shoot at the screens and rack up scores as they go. The “intra-active” element of the attraction means that players can interact with the other team’s screen, though it’s unconfirmed if players can do anything like steal points or disrupt the opposing team’s progress.

New series characters are also part of the attraction, including the bounty hunting orange Citron and Super Brainz, a superhero zombie with an 80s action movie star complex. The attraction is planned to run approximately ten times an hour, accommodating between 600 to 700 guests.

The 3Z Arena isn’t the only EA franchise to be recently adapted for a theme park attraction. A currently untitled 4D attraction based on the Mass Effect universe is coming to California Great America in 2016.


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New Arkham Knight Characters Unlocked For AR Challenges

By | News | No Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady Studios has made character selection available in the game’s AR Challenge mode beginning today, according to a tweet by the developer. Players can now control one of eight different characters in any of the game’s AR challenges.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Arkham Knight didn’t feature the ability to choose your character out of the box. This update adds that function back in with the large roster of playable characters featured throughout the story.

Playable characters include Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Azrael, and Batgirl. Game director Sefton Hill also stated last month that additional predator maps will be arriving in November. 

PC fans will be able to try this out when the game is returned to sale. Rocksteady and WB Games expect that to happen at the end of October.

[Source: Rocksteady Twitter]

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Humble Bundle Cuts Staff After ‘Too Ambitious’ Hirings

By | News | No Comments

Charity organization Humble Bundle has laid off a dozen of its staff – 20 percent of its overall personnel – after a hiring phase that its co-founder admits was “too ambitious.” 

“Unfortunately, last week Humble Bundle was forced to let go of some of our employees,” John Graham, co-founder, told Polygon. “Despite strong revenue, and our community surpassing $65 million raised for charity to date, our past hiring was too ambitious and we had to make a hard call last week.”

Humble Bundle sells packages of games and other products, with consumers deciding how much they want to pay. A portion of the sale goes to charity.

The current indie game bundle, number 15, has sold over 142,000 units with over three hours to go.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
Unfortunate for those let go, but hopefully the company’s acumen secures its future.

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Grab Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Gone Home, And Gang Beasts For Cheap With Humble Bundle 15

By | News | No Comments

The newest Humble Bundle is online, number 15, and it offers a number of quality indie games, including those outlined in the headline.

For any price you can grab Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut, and Goodbye Deponia, and you also get a 66% off coupon for the Humble Store. Pay more than the average (currently $7.35) and you will also get Skullgirls and all its DLC, Planetary Annihilation, Xenonauts, Gone Home, Deponia, and Chaos on Deponia. Going up to $10 also nets early access to Gang Beasts. Going up to $25 will get you a physical, paintable Gang Beasts figure, and finally going up to $70 gets you a whole collection of Gang Beasts figures based on games featured in the very bundle we are discussing right now.

Currently, Humble’s 15th bundle has raised more than $1 million.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

[Source: Humble Bundle]

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Batman: Arkham Knight Getting The High-Quality Collectible Statue Treatment

By | News | No Comments

High-quality figure takes on Batman: Arkham Knight’s protagonists, Batmobile, and some of his opponents are on the way.

Shioktoys, an authorized retailer for a number of high-quality figure creators, has a huge collection of photos of the new figures coming on its Facebook page. Above and below you will see Batman, Robin, and the Batmobile, but you will also find Arkham Knight, Bane, and Deathstroke.

[Source: Shioktoys Online on Facebook, Shioktoys]

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Ubisoft Clarifies Might & Magic Heroes VII Collector’s Edition Confusion

By | News | No Comments

Gamers who purchased the collector’s edition of Might & Magic Heroes VII were disappointed to find a digital download code where they expected a game box to be, among other surprises.

Ubisoft says the mix up was caused by the fact that it mentioned the game was a download while showing an image (above) that referenced a box copy. Gamers have compiled an imgur detailing how a twitch unboxing of the edition by Ubisoft showed a DVD of the game and other apparent visual evidence.

There are also posts on the Ubisoft forum by readers who say they did not receive a soundtrack CD and that there was no digital code in its place.

Here is the statement from Ubisoft on the situation:

Ubisoft regrets any confusion created by the marketing materials from our Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector’s Edition. We understand that some customers in North America were not aware the Collector’s Edition delivered digital versions of the game and soundtrack. Ubisoft apologizes for any frustration and disappointment resulting from these items being in digital format vs. physical format. We are accepting complete refunds from any dissatisfied customers and will be providing a compensation plan of one complimentary digital PC game for consumers that have already purchased the Might and Magic Heroes VII Collector’s Edition from the Uplay shop in North America. Affected consumers will be able to pick one game of their choice from a selection including Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, The Crew, AC Rogue, Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition and Zombi.

The Ubisoft store currently shows the correct information.

For more on the game itself, check out Dan’s review.

[Source: PC Gamer, Ubisoft]


Our Take
While Ubisoft’s admission of a mistake and the ensuing refund are good ways to rectify the situation, I’m curious when and how Ubisoft mentioned to consumers that the picture above was a mistake and that there were only download codes. Plenty of gamers who ordered the collector’s edition seem to not have gotten the message.

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Epic Games Teases New Project

By | News | No Comments

While Fortnite has been known for some time (check out our super cool cover!) Epic Games has been sending out mysterious little metal cards that hint at a new game. The cards simply say “You are invited” with no other information regarding that invite, and the words “For Valor” or “For Grace.” There are apparently 30 different variations on the phrase that can appear on the cards.

Searching around the internet reveals a few other variations on the “For X” theme. The flip side of the cards have a puzzling symbol that’s likely the logo for the new game. Well, we’re sufficiently stumped – what could this be?

Our Take
I’m legitimately puzzled as to what this could be, but we knew Epic had another project in development at its Raleigh headquarters besides Fortnite and Unreal Tournament. I’m looking forward to finding out! 

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